Picture life itself and place it in a frame,
A landscape view or precious scene and give to it a name,
Share it with a loved one, and see the expression on their face,
From a gift of memories brought to life….that time cannot erase.

Poem by Sharon Pietrzyk

After a long hiatus from the art world, Catherine Slezak has returned. She is a mother of 2 girls and now a grandmother of six.

As a self-taught Canadian watercolorist born in Toronto, Catherine began painting commissioned pieces for private collections throughout Canada and the United States. Her ability to bring life to a landscape or the special warmth to a family home, has drawn smiles and pleasurable moments for many a viewer.

Catherine’s work begins with a photograph of a person’s home or favorite snapshot. She listens to the story behind each photograph to capture the mood of the storyteller and then Catherine’s natural enthusiasm takes over as brush is put to hand.

Prior to Catherine’s hiatus, a variety of her originals and prints have been donated to various charity events, such as: schools, Regency Boys’ and Girls Club, Villa Charities, United Way and The Lung Association plus many more. Domtar Specialty Fine Papers utilized a print “The Guest House” in a trial of their new Limited Edition Art Paper. The purchaser of her original painting of the “The Guest House” donated it to Page Walker Center in Cary, North Carolina.

Catherine’s life experiences has opened a new chapter in her creative, artistic passion. Every picture brings a feeling of serenity and tenderness of memories or can inspire future memories

Catherine Slezak Artist Photo

Catherine Slezak

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Catherine at the TWAC Canadian National Exhibition Juried Art Show – August 19-September 5, 2016 with her painting “Stoned” (#22)

Catherine Slezak - Anita Thank You Letter
Catherine Slezak - Art Auction 1995
Catherine Slezak - Peel Region Letter
Catherine Slezak - Vera Letter
Catherine Slezak - Burnhamthorpe Raffle
Catherine Slezak - HP Letter
Catherine Slezak - United Way Letter
Catherine Slezak - Lung Association Letter
Catherine Slezak with Her Artwork